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Featured Video:  "Bundy Trial Begins"
                                           as seen on SMC-TV, channel 25 in Santa Maria, CA
Summary:   mainstream media will sensationalize what is really happening at the Bundy Ranch.  William Wagener exposes the massive corruption in government and America's failed judicial system, which violates the Constitution in many cases.  Clearly, based on the corrupt behavior of the now-impeachable Gloria Navarro (in two prior trials), Constitutional Rights and Amendments have been ignored by the courts. Can the defendants' attorneys Larry Klayman (and others) overcome this flawed legal system?  Is Navarro showing ultimate jurisprudence?
Did you know?   In 2004, the Neilson Ratings Agency was conducting statistical sampling and found more viewers were watching On Second Thought than were watching NBC during prime-time hours.  William was soon offered a contract by the National Broadcasting Corporation to host a syndicated program, however, he turned down this offer.
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