​Got a question for William?  Suggestions for unique guests who could appear on the show? Requesting a copy of a program or need to purchase raw stock footage?
To have William speak at your event, please send an email to williamwagener2@gmail.com with "SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT OST" in the subject.
To have William personally visit you to cover your story, you may submit a "for hire" proposal.  Include specific details of 100 words or less, a phone number, and your full name. If we are interested, we will contact you for more info regarding your story, and how it would relate to public interest, or the theme of the O.S.T. program.  To help with costs of travel and crew, William may require a stipend to produce your story, and because the show is produced independently, a rate of $300 per eight-hour day is suggested. 
If requesting raw, hi-def stock footage (without water-marks or OST logos), please know we charge the standard rate of $60/second and can remit the footage to you on various media formats, mini-DV tape preferred. Send an email to  ajnicholas323@gmail.com with "OST FOOTAGE" in the subject.

William Wagener

Q:  Why did you create On Second Thought ?
A:   Because I felt that there were political issues that no one else was talking about, and these issues needed attention and a second look. Things like what really happened on September 11th 2001, the legitimacy of the Internal Revenue Service, electronic voting scams, and why certain politicians (such as Ron Paul) get under-reported by major media... and that's just scratching the surface.
Q:  What's your professional background before working in television?
A:  (site moderator response)  William achieved honors at an early age, reaching the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America association, then served his country in the US Army during the Vietnam War (a decision he critically re-examined later in life, as discussed on his show), then worked as a realtor and real estate developer in Southern California.
Q:  Tell us about the Michael Jackson trial you reported on.
A:   I sat in as media for 60 out of 65 days of the trial, and was the only media person predicting MJ's innocence before the verdict.  All the other media outlets were hoping for a "guilty" verdict, as that built more suspense for their viewers, and of course, more money for their advertisers.  Follow the money trail.


Q:  What is MJJIFF?
A:   (website moderator response)  It's the Michael Joseph Jackson Innocent Forever Foundation.  We are working to raise money to produce a biopic that will give more details about the trial.  You would have only seen what William saw, if you had been in the courtroom. William has raised a few thousand dollars so far, however, the biggest immediate goal is for William to complete a feature film script.

Q:  When will William Wagener come back to Europe?
A:  (website moderator response) We are not sure at this time.
Q:  Which issues will you cover next, William?
A:   I have covered a lot so far, and as it is, I just keep up with what news I find online, compare that to what I don't see FOX, CNN, and other​​ major sources reporting, and fill in the gaps, or call them on their bogus stories.  I think the public deserves to know what's really going on.
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